Chris Berman’s Supernatural Golf Swing Goes Slo-Mo

ESPN’s Chris Berman is one of the most iconic sports announcer in history – and has one of the most iconic (celebrity) golf swings. According to Berman, he plays about 30 times per year and shoots somewhere in the 80s and 90s.

In this video from the PGA Tour, the longtime ESPN star is shown swinging in slo-mo and it’s about what you’d expect.

One tweeter wrote, “Somewhere Charles Barkley is smiling.”

Well, Berman’s swing is different, but it’s not nearly as wild as Barkley’s.

Berman cites two knee surgeries for producing his famous hitch which he calls Supernatural Golf.

Your swing has a little Charles Barkley in it. Where did you get your technique?
You know the deal Natural Golf [a single-plane theory], like a hockey swing? I tried that, and now after two knee surgeries in the late ’90s, that swing kind of married its Appalachian cousin and produced a mutant second cousin called Supernatural Golf. No one can hit a 7- and 5-wood lower than me. It’s good in wind and on hard ground. When Pebble is wet, I get screwed.

Finally, here’s a clip of Berman using his Supernatural swing at Pebble Beach. Pro Tip: Keep an eye on that wall and those big waves.


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