Cristie Kerr (Sort Of) Apologizes on Twitter For Slow Play

After a tough playoff loss to Haru Nomura at the Volunteers of America Texas Shootout, Cristie Kerr hopped on to Twitter and apologized to golf fans for the slow pace of play in OT.

Sort of.

While Kerr apologized, she didn’t take full responsibility for her snail’s pace, and instead blamed it on the blustery conditions.

“Sorry everyone for the slow play yesterday the conditions were incredibly tough and that 18th hole is very difficult. Very tricky w 40mph,” tweeted Kerr.

Kerr and Momura, the only two players on the course, took 2 hours to play the par-5 18th hole six times. If you’re counting at home, that would be equal to a six-hour round with the course all to yourself.

Even Golf Channel commentator Judy Rankin, not one to regularly criticize, noted during the broadcast that Kerr was playing “especially slow.”

Here is Kerr’s explanation via Twitter.

Credit: Golf Channel, Getty Images


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