Daly Compares Golf Games of Trump, Clinton


John Daly appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and the two-time major winner was asked about President Trump’s golf game.

Daly, who is friends with the president, said that the 45th POTUS “hits it good,” and that “he’s a decent player.”

After Daly praised his powerful friend, Eisen claimed that “a lot of people say the best stick in his bag is a pencil” – insinuating that Trump cheats.

Daly quickly replied, “Well, that’s Clinton,” and went on to talk about the 42nd president’s propensity to play “mulligans” and fudge his scorecard.

In the background, one of Eisen’s producers said, “They don’t call him Slick Willie for nothing.”

FWIW, I’m no politico, but I’m pretty sure Clinton is infamous for being a scorecard plagiarist. Even Daly once referred to a mulligan as a “Clinton.”


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