John Daly: “Bill Clinton’s Golf Game as Bad as Joe Biden’s Presidency”


Alongside a Diet Coke and bowl of peanut M&Ms, two-time major winner John Daly sat down with Outkick’s Tomi Lahren to talk golf and politics.

The reigning PNC Championship belt holder, who now plays on the senior ciurcuit, said he’s never golfed with former President Barack Obama, but did play with former President Bill Clinton one time.

“I had to play with [Bill Clinton] one time,” Daly said. “His golf game is almost as [bad] as what’s going on in our [Biden] administration right now.”

Lahren asked if Hillary Clinton would be a fun golfing partner. Daly said, “No.”

A big fan and “great friend” of former President Donald Trump, Daly will tee it up next month at St Andrews where he won his second major title 27 years ago.

Watch John Daly and Tomi Lahren:


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