Danny Willett Makes Golf Mag’s Masters Issue Cover; Fans Rip!


Golf Magazine decided to put Danny Willett, the defending Masters champion, on its April (Masters issue) cover. The choice makes sense from an editorial perspective.

But the response from its followers on Instagram was brutal, and not really unexpected.

Let’s just say that Willett is not a very popular green jacket owner – with the theme being he’s won nothing since and he’s pretty much an accidental champ.

The Blowback

  • Danny Willet not a popular Master’s champion? … That should be a topic for the magazine.
  • You won that jacket and then nothing else.
  • Douchetastic.
  • Right place right time. Nothing else.
  • Man it had to be a slow month to put this guy on the cover.
  • This pisses me off every time I see it.
  • Has this guy even made a cut since then?
  • It was given to him by an epic collapse.
  • Danny Willet and his whole family are a bunch of douchebags.
  • Really? Guy had last year’s masters handed to him and he hasn’t even came close to winning anything since!!


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