Danny Willett Now Agrees With Brother: American Golf Fans Are “Imbeciles” and “Cretins”

CHASKA, MN - OCTOBER 02: Danny Willett of Europe looks on during a press conference after being defeated by the United States during singles matches of the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club on October 2, 2016 in Chaska, Minnesota. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

After his brother Pete wrote a hate-filled Ryder Cup article, describing American golf fans as “imbeciles,” and “cretins,” among other vile names, Danny Willett, the surprise winner of the 2016 Masters, was forced to apologize.

It was such an incendiary article that even the European team was forced to walk away from it and send out Captain Darren Clarke to disown it.

Here’s some of what Willett’s brother wrote:

It’s worth noting that the media, when getting on their moral high horse, and criticizing Hazeltine fans for over-doing it, never seem to remind the viewers, as to why the fans may be a bit overly juiced up – such as being called “unwashed, imbeciles, and basement-dwelling irritants.”

Well, after his performance at Hazeltine, where he went 0-0-3 in three matches, capped off by a 5 & 4 blowout loss to Brooks Koepka on Sunday, Willett made no excuses, and said he played “like shit.” His honestly was commended from all corners – golf media, fans, and players.

But at 2:30 AM (after a few too many drinks, maybe?), Willett decided to tweet out that his brother’s disgraceful comments were in fact “correct.”

Even some in the UK golf media are stunned.

From the Golf Punk Magazine article.
We are surprised that the brothers are even talking to each other, let alone agreeing.

It was an incendary bomb of an article to throw into what was already a highly charged atmosphere, and must have been an enormous embarrassement for Danny, both with his team mates, his Captain, and with his American competitors. It was a piece that benefited no one other than the writer, and if he thought that it would have no impact on his brother’s performance, then he should think again.

So we are surprised that his brother is now backing him up. But it was a self fulfilling prophesy in any event. PJ Willet’s article was a red rage to the American crowd, and they were always going to respond.

As was written in the Golf Punk article cited, Americans have long memories, so it should be an interesting Masters Tournament for the defending champ.

It’s only 6 months away. But who’s counting!?


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