Lefty ESPN Golf Writer’s 20 Words To Describe U.S. Ryder Cup Fans (Jerks, Imbeciles, Rubes…)


Bob Harig is a leftwing golf writer for ESPN, who has basically made it his mission to tar and feather American golf fans for the actions of a few at Hazeltine.

We can’t confirm if Harig was the American scribe who led off the European team press conference by asking telling Rory McIlory that he’s “embarrassed to be an American.” But if it wasn’t, he certainly seems to have spoken for Harig.

To set the table, and get past the spin of the far-left media’s echo chamber, the animosity between American golf fans and the European Team was kicked off by Danny Willet’s brother, who penned a hate-filled, incendiary Ryder Cup preview story on the National Club Golfer website.

In the article, Willet’s bro came off as a South Park version of a smug liberal, while trying to claim the cultural high ground.

Harig never once tweeted about this huge controversy in the lead-up to the event – despite Captain Darren Clarke and Willet himself having to make statements to the press.

Harig’s only tweet, referencing Willet’s article, came AFTER the American fans retaliated.

In a followup article, Harig actually described Willet’s screed as “tongue in cheek” and that it was up for debate as to whether Willet calling Americans “imbeciles… brainless bastards… reprobates… pudgy, basement-dwelling, irritants… angry, unwashed… obnoxious dads, medicated ex-wives, resentful children… cretins… fat, stupid, greedy, classless, bastards” had actually “crossed the line” of decorum.

The reporter’s Ryder Cup coverage on Twitter was non-stop criticism of the fans. (Remember, Harig works for ESPN.)

Here are the 20 Words Harig used to describe American Golf fans, in between reporting on the actual matches.

1. Imbeciles

2. Jerks

3. Asses

4, 5. Offensive & Unfunny

6. Drunks

7, 8. Over-the-Top & Unacceptable

9. Bad, Bad, Bad

10, 11. Abusive & Sad

12. Venomous

13. Mindless

14. Awful

15. Vulgar

16. Uncivil

17. Rubes

18. Nasty

19. Embarrassing

20. Lame


Bonus Tweets

This doesn’t include the many retweets of Harig which smeared and slammed American golf fans.


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