Insta Golfers Heart Justin Thomas for This “Class Act”

Justin Thomas surprised a young autograph seeker named Eidan Jamzidi during a practice round ahead of the 2018 CIMB Classic.

Eidan, one of Malaysia’s top junior golfers, who’s a member at TPC Kuala Lumpur, was asked join the American superstar for a few swings.

During the clip, Thomas – well aware of Eidan’s talent, jokes with him about selling his autograph on Ebay, saying, “I can tell you’re going to be good.” JT then wishes him well, saying, “It was nice to meet you, buddy. We’ll see you on Tour in a couple of years?”

Commenters gave JT all kinds of thumbs up and hearts, along with claps, thanks, and fist bumps, among other emojis, for the “class act.”

KB: “This is how you grow the sport. Love seeing videos like this. ??”

MK: “?Total class!!!??”

Andre: “#justinthomas34 ????????”

Tom: “It’s just this easy. ?? Nice, @justinthomas34!”

Mary: “Warms my heart. Why I love Justin?”

AZ: “Well done @justinthomas34??”

OS: “Solid JT!! ?”

Rice: “Class! ?”

Wendy: “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Di: “??”

GL: “???”

JJ: “This is great @justinthomas34 ??”

TT: “???”

Stoked: “Very Classy JT. Well done, what an outstanding example you’re displaying ??⛳️⛳️???????”

(Usernames changed/shortened to protect privacy.)

Here’s a look at Eidan’s sweet swing. His Instagram account is here.



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