Rose Replicates Sully with a Sweet Driver-Off-the-Deck


Yesterday – admittedly using a little hyperbole, we called Andy Sullivan’s driver-off-the-deck one of the best in history. Well, 24 hours later, on the same hole, Justin Rose hit one almost as good during round two of the Sky Sports British Masters.

We said, “Almost as good.”

Sullivan’s was still better because: a.) It was Sully’s second shot which nearly gave him an albatross (this was Rose’s third shot after driving into a bunker); b.) Sully hit to a tougher pin placement; c.) He doesn’t hit it as along as Rose so it was a bigger poke; and d.) His ball simply landed closer (less than a foot versus three-feet)

Still, though, this was a sick shot from J-Rose.

Rosey’s Rip

Sullivan’s Tap


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