Social Roundup: 59 For Justin Thomas!

Justin Thomas shot an opening-round 59 at the Sony Open in Hawaii, which pretty much cements his status as the world’s hottest golfer for the moment.

Following this historic round at Waialae Country Club, social media was on fire with all kinds of opinions, clips and photos.

Here’s a quick roundup.

First the actual putt, followed by congrats from Jordan Spieth and Daniel Berger.

A few tweets/insight from some our favorite golf media follows: Schupak, Wacker, and Shackelford.

Thomas becomes just the 7th PGA Tour player to break the 60 barrier in a tournament.

And its youngest at 23 years old.

Thomas quickly signed his Footjoy glove and Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, which are headed for the Hall of Fame.

Thomas said he was going to lay up. Then basically said, never mind.

Another angle of the historic putt. Note: Spieth with the left arm pump.

JT posing with his historic scorecard.

Mom and Dad proudly watching their son from the media room.

Factoid: No player has finished outside the Top-5 who has shot a sub 60 in a round.

Footjoy promotes its star player on Instagram.

Golf Digest with a nice photo of two star golfers.

Brian Wacker with another angle of JT’s scorecard along with some useful numbers.


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