Jeff Smith: “Back From Vacation… and Coming in Hot for Tiger Woods!”

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Scandals
The PGA Tour is using Tiger Woods to smear LIV players. (PGW)

You go on vacation for two weeks and when you come back, Tiger Woods has somehow been anointed a moral authority on good versus bad.

He’s going to war with LIV players, insinuating they are traitors?

Come, again!? You serious, bro!?

Are we talking about the same Tiger that was banging half the country while married with children? The same Tiger who, when caught, claimed an addiction to sex?

Uh-huh.((eye roll))

The same TW, who was found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. TWICE – nearly killing himself (and others) the second time. Yet, after both “accidents,” many of the same guys he’s trashing on LIV had his back, while others prayed for him. None held a press conference and smeared him for “turning his back” on his then wife.

This is the guy we’re going to take lectures from?

I don’t think so!

I’ll finally be back tomorrow, and taking Tiger’s hypocrisy to the Woodshed.

For now, check out my man Stephen A Smith, who absolutely nails it.


  1. Dislike the English accent commentator for golf channel announcing. Can’t understand her it’s annoying let’s go American.

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