Justin Thomas Answers 20: Mark Wahlberg, Superman, Beer, Tacos


Justin Thomas is in Troon, Scotland for the 145th Open Championship. Thomas joined the PGA Tour media team for a Facebook Rapid Fire Challenge – which we of course found on Instagram.

Scrolling through his iPad, the young PGA Tour star answered 20 quick questions as fast as he possibly could.

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Here ‘s a rough transcript.

  1. Age you started playing golf? Two
  2. Your second best sport? Basketball
  3. The funniest guy on tour? Colt Knost
  4. Go to karoake song? Candy shop
  5. Fashion game in one word? Swag
  6. What animal are you most afraid of? Lion
  7. Favorite food? Tacos
  8. Favorite vacation spot? Baker’s Bay
  9. Actor who would play you in a movie? Mark Wahlberg
  10. Your idol growing up? Dad
  11. Favorite hole on tour? 17th at Sawgrass
  12. Call or text? Text
  13. Wine or beer? Beer
  14. Word you’d use? Sneaky
  15. Favorite super hero? Superman
  16. If you could travel in time, back or forward? Forward
  17. Favorite music? Rap
  18. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
  19. Skydiving or scuba diving? Scuba diving
  20. Is there a spider on your shoulder? No


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