KING F8 Irons: Rickie Fowler Gives His Seal of Approval


Working with Jose Miraflor, Cobra’s VP of Marketing, Rickie Fowler gets on trackman to compare his custom gamer irons (KING forged MB) to the new KING Cobra F8 irons.

Fowler first hits his gameday 5-iron which goes about 195 (into the wind), while producing a ball speed of 140.

Using the new F8 5-iron, Fowler ups his ball speed to 44 mph and carries it 212 yards, good for an increase of 17 yards or so.

Milafor asks/states, “Not the perfect setup for Rickie Fowler, but great for a normal person trying to hit a golf ball?”

Rickie confirms he won’t be playing the KING F8 irons any time soon, but nevertheless gives the new sticks his “seal of approval.”

Said Fowler, “Yeah, no, I’m not necessarily looking for extra distance. I want to know exactly how far it’s flying. And, uh, you know, I’ve got my setup, it works great, but seeing – you know – what just the head and golf club can do. You know being able to hit a 5-iron that launches a little bit higher than the normal one, a little more speed – get the extra 10 to 15 yards, I don’t think that hurts at all.”

After a little tech talk, Milafor closes, “So KING F8 irons, Rickie Fowler’s Seal of Approval.”

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Credits: Cobra Golf


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