Koekpa, DJ Party With the U.S. Open Trophy


Fresh off his breakthrough major victory at the U.S. Open last weekend, Brooks Koepka has been a very popular guy, and like many in his position would, Koepka has even been taking the trophy out on the town.

Earlier this week, video surfaced showing Koepka drinking Fireball, a cinnamon-flavored whiskey, during a birthday party for Dustin Johnson.


  • Brooks Koepka won the U.S. Open by four strokes in a record-shattering tournament. It was Koepka’s second career PGA Tour win, and his first in a major.
  • A video was leaked to the internet earlier this week, by a friend of Paulina Gretzky, showing Koepka partying at Dustin Johnson’s birthday party.
  • The two most recent winners of the U.S. Open appear to be the life of the party. The video shows dancers flashing signs for birthday boy “Dustin,” while Koepka drinks fireball whiskey out of the U.S. Open trophy.
  • The practice is hardly new in professional sports, although this seems to be the first time where Fireball was the liquor of choice. Pictures surfaced of Rory McIlroy drinking an unknown drink out of the U.S. Open trophy in 2011, and Phil Mickelson once claimed that he drank a $40,000 bottle of wine out of the claret jug.
  • The ritual was started with the NHL winner’s of the Stanley Cup. Former Kentucky Derby winner Go For Gin famously ate from the Stanley Cup in 1994.

The Video

The video was taken by Kristina Melnichenko, a friend of Paulina.

Native Ads

And is there any beer better than Michelob Ultra to wash down a shot of Fireball? Of course not! Brooks plugs the Anheuser-Busch brand alongside the sterling silver jug – which is buckled in for a NetJets flight.


“Fireball in the USOpen trophy! Brings back many memories. In my day, it was Budweiser from the tap. Have fun and be careful.”
Curtis Strange via Instagram

Source: Kristina Melnichenko, Brooks Koepka


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