Martin Kaymer Passionately Defends Tiger Woods In Video Post


Tiger Woods, the one-time, long-time World No. 1, has been criticized unmercifully this week – the result of a Monday DUI where police found him asleep and very confused behind the wheel of his running car in Florida, an incident of which Tiger imputes to an unexpected reaction to medications.

Yesterday, Tiger received some unexpected support from another former No. 1 in the world, and two-time major winner, Martin Kaymer, who believes the public reaction to the incident has been absurd.

Kaymer recorded a video of his thoughts on the matter, which he then posted to Twitter.


  • Kaymer posted a two minute, five second video of himself speaking frankly on the Tiger Woods incident to his Twitter page, which he labeled simply “#tiger”.
  • Kaymer says in the video that he believes a lot of the public reaction to Tiger Woods has been “unfair and disrespectful.”
  • Kaymer reminded everyone of Tiger’s positive legacy and all the great he has done for the world of golf.
  • Kaymer referred to the reaction as “nasty” to “kicking him while he’s down.”
  • Says his wish is that people will stop by nasty to Tiger, and instead help him.

The Video


“Why so nasty? Why don’t you try to do the opposite and help him now, the way he inspired us? That’s why we are where we are now, that’s why we can have what we have.”
Martin Kaymer


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