Hypocrite McIlroy “Taken Aback” By Koepka’s Boasting; Forgets His Braggart Past

Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka wait on the 14th green during round one of the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational at TPC Southwind on July 25, 2019 in Memphis, TN. (Photo Credit: Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

Rory McIlroy is criticizing Brooks Koepka for the sin of boasting about his major championship prowess, while trying to psyche out his opponents.

“I was watching the golf last night and heard the interview and was just sort of taken aback a little bit by sort of what he said and whether he was trying to play mind games or not,” said McIlroy, sounding like a top-ranked pearl clutcher.

Yet, just three years ago, McIlroy – fresh off a missed cut at the U.S. Open, attacked former PGA Champion Steve Elkington for the misdeed of opining on the Northern Irishman’s career. The Aussie dared to assert that Rory, with no Tiger to compete against, looked bored with golf, and may not win another major. Elkington even qualified his opinion by stating, “Nobody more gifted than Rory.”

Yet for this mild-mannered contention, Rory viciously attacked his major-winning colleague with personal digs at his age and intelligence, even hitting Elk for audaciously low-balling the then 28-year old’s earnings at $100 million (i.e. super wealthy): “More like $200 million… plenty more where that came from,” bragged Rory.

Read it all here. It’s an eye opening look at the real Rory McIlroy.

And remember this the next time you see headlines that attempt hold Rory up as some holier-than-though messenger of virtue. For instance, headlines such as this: Rory McIlroy ‘taken aback’ by Brooks Koepka’s dig at Dustin Johnson.

Spare us the virtue signaling, Rory!


  1. I think there’s a big difference between Rory defending himself from the barely understandable critique from the mediocre Elkington, and Koepka calling out and “attacking” DJ for only having one major. DJ didn’t start it.
    “Hypocrite”? Really?
    • Agreed not apples to apples comparison. But I still believe Rory’s insults were off the mark, undeserving, and personally degrading.

      What was Rory “defending?” All Elkington said was he felt Rory would not win another major, and he qualified it by saying how much he respected him. (FWIW: He’s been proven correct thus far.)

      Whereas Koepka seemed to be trying to play head games with DJ (which it may have since he blew his fourth 54-hole lead in a major). He never personally insulted DJ either.

      FWIW: I am a big fan of DJ and Koepka. Not so much Rory, so I admit I’m biased.

  2. Elkington’s an Australian and nothing his like says should be taken at face value. They love a dig endlessly, regardless of whether they have skin in the game or not. Word has it that Elkington was about as popular on tour as a bush fire. McIlroy’s position in both exchanges has been very consistent – he cited reasons why his record was better than Elkington’s, and he made the same observations on behalf of DJ vis-a-vis Koepka.


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