Reporter Teryn Gregson was fired by the PGA Tour for refusing to follow the organization’s COVID-19 protocols that are meant to embarrass and isolate unvaccinated employees.

Fully vaccinated employees are not required to wear masks within the building. Unvaccinated employees, however, must wear masks “at all times, including in conference rooms, fitness center, simulator and when walking through hallways. Masks can be removed while sitting at a workstation if social distancing can be achieved or when eating/drinking. In addition to masking requirements, all unvaccinated employees will undergo weekly COVID-19 screening tests.”

Already having recovered from COVID, Gregson, who is pregnant, asked the tour for a religious exemption to avoid the vaccine and the unknown risks it presents to her unborn baby. Without the exemption, a pregnant Gregson would be forced to wear a mask all day, making breathing extremely laborious.

The tour denied her request, and then terminated her employment.

“I was in need of religious exemptions from their vaccine protocols of masking and testing,” Gregson said in her post on Instagram. “They would not accommodate me in such a way that I did not have to violate my religious beliefs.

“I was hoping we could come together on this.”

While the tour does not have a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, it is using what’s called a forcing function to humiliate and otherize its non-vaccinated employees.

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  1. So happy she was wise enough not to get jabbed while pregnant. This covid jab is not safe and effective. It is killing and maiming people all over the Globe.


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