Q and A: Rahm, Zach, Phil, Landry After 36 at the CareerBuilder

Zach Johnson

A look at four questions and answers after the second round of the CareerBuilder Challenge, where Andrew Landry is the surprise leader by one over Jon Rahm.

Players highlighted include Landry, Rahm, Phil Mickelson, and Zach Johnson.


I’m always impressed at a young player that doesn’t try to hold on, that gets to go deeper and deeper, you’re still within your comfort level?

LANDRY: Absolutely. Honestly, to be honest with you, I used to have a comfort level whenever I got to about 6-under par in college I would start freaking out a little bit and my coach would always make me go play the ladies tees and just try to get as low as we can possibly go and it’s helped out in the past.

There’s not really a comfort level anymore, but it’s fun to just get out there and go as low as you can and put on a show for the guys in the pro-am.

1st (-16, 63-65)


Fair to say today was okay, little frustrating on the greens. You only missed one green out there today, but it’s always tough to come back after shooting a low number. How were you feeling out there?

RAHM: It’s tough to come back because I feel like I expected myself to go to the range and keep just flushing everything like I did yesterday. Everything was just a little bit off. It was just one of those days.

I actually had a much better start than I ever expected, I was hitting good shots, made a couple of good putts, but then again a couple of those bad swings cost me, right. But besides that I think the rest of the round reflected what it was. I had a couple of bad moments, not bad ones, sorry, a couple of kind of what you call boring golf, I wasn’t hitting perfect shots, it was 20, 30 feet from the pin all the time.

But then luckily the driver on 6 was the key. I flushed it, hit a great drive, I knew what I was doing wrong and it was followed by four perfect holes where I could have had almost four birdies, but I had two of them, so it was a great finish.

2nd (-15, 62-67)


Talk about capitalizing on opportunities how about the momentum you’ve had this season and what it’s looked like so far coming off of a top-15 finish last week. What’s been working over this stretch?

JOHNSON: Doing a lot of good things. Trying to — if we’re going to pick apart a weakness it’s probably because I haven’t been putting great, I mean, or even sometimes poor. But ball strike’s good, I’m hitting my driver in the fairway, I’m getting more loft into these greens the last two weeks than I’ve ever been accustomed to.

My golf ball, new Pro V-1 X, new PXG clubs, they’re going further and frankly straighter, so golf’s kind of fun again right now.

But all that being said, I’m putting time in the gym, I’m putting time on the range, and my team’s, we have got a good plan, we had a good meeting, and so it’s not due just to luck, there’s work involved there. But at this point what I like about golf now is I just feel like I got to be patient and make some putts, when it all comes down to just making putts, then golf’s fun.

4th (-13, 67-64)


You have to be pretty satisfied with this round, talk us through what happened today, starting with the first hole.

MICKELSON: I hit one of the, I hit the worst shot of the year from the fairway, a hundred yards down into the hollow. And then I hit quickly the best shot of the year, so far.

Now, granted, it’s only two rounds in, but it was an interesting start. What I really like is how we have perfect weather here on great golf courses that allow us to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve been pretty pleased with overall with the way I’ve been driving the ball and very displeased with the way my iron game has been. Usually my iron play is a lot better than what it’s been. So I’ll go work on it and hopefully improve each round in this tournament and build a solid foundation for the upcoming West Coast events.

I feel like if I continue to drive the ball the way I am and if I got my iron play back to my normal level of standard, I should have the results that I’ve been expecting.

67th (-6, 70-68)

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