Callaway Golf’s new JAWS Full Toe Wedges were designed for players seeking additional spin and more control on all types of wedge shots – from chips and pitches to flops and sand blasts, and even even full shots into greens.

Callaway delivers these shot-making improvements by blending a series of technologies, including offset groove-in-groove and raw face.

Fast Facts: Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges
  • Category: Low-Mid Handicap
  • Grooving: Aggressive full face pattern
  • Grind: C-grind standard
  • Shape: Full Toe shape
  • Weighting: Variable weight ports
  • Lofts: 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°
  • Finishes: Raw Face Chrome, Raw Black
  • Stock Shaft: Dynamic Golf Spinner, Project X Catalyst
  • Stock Grips: Lamkin UTX
  • Available: Sept. 9, 2021
  • Price: $169.99 each

WYNTK: Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges
Callaway Golf’s new Jaws Toe Wedges
Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedges combine full face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology and an all-new raw face, giving you the spin and control you need to pull off every shot around the greens. (Courtesy Callaway Golf)

Callaway’s already impressive wedge lineup overseen by Roger Cleveland Chief Designer has been extended with the addition of the Jaws Full Toe family in five lofts and a choice of chrome or raw black finish.

The toe is a larger diameter, so weight is moved higher on the face and away from the hosel to help produce a lower trajectory, easier to control shot.

Wedges are all about spin and the Jaws grooves run the full length of the face from toe to heel and are groove-in-groove with added surface roughness. This helps produce spin regardless of the contact point with the ball and is important around the green and especially for high arcing shots…the so-called flop shots.

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