Rickie’s New Kicks Honor The King… While Raising Money For Charity


Rickie Fowler is known for wearing some of the funkiest-looking golf shoes on the PGA Tour: Hi-top Pumas, in bright neon colors.

Many of the blue jacket-wearers complain that they’re not real golf shoes, and/or that they’re just plain ugly (as if…).

But this week, we’re pretty sure the wine-sippers will not be, well, whining. Because Fowler is honoring the King in one of the most awesome ways.

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Are these things totally based, or what!?

Here’s another shot of Rickie’s kicks.

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UPDATE: An even better pic of the kicks.

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And the best part is that they’re a limited edition. As in limited to JUST TWO pairs.

Puma made a pair for Fowler, and another pair to be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.

Finally, here’s a clip of Rickie swinging the stick, wearing the limited edition Pumas, as well as a hat that honors the King too.

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Commenters Are Digging Rickie’s Kicks

What a way to remember a legend.
So sick
Yup yup!!?????
So much respect for the man, and his legend. Well done Ricky!
One of Rikies swag collection.
I mean could you HONESTLY say no, you guys. ? RickieRickkkkkk
I need a pair!
Class Act!??
So dope!!!
Those are Soo Siiiiick?
Those are so pimp!
Toppp shelve
Rickie is the Man! Get it rollin this week @rickiefowler Arnie would be proud
Respect is from the heart, mind and soul… not trample in others footwear….
Gangster ?
I need those?
Such a great tribute!

Credit: PGA Tour, Arnie’s Army, Puma Golf


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