Sergio Shows Dance Moves Following His Hole-In-One

Sergio Garcia with a hole in one at the BMW in Europe. Credit: European Tour

In an old commercial for Michelob (I think) that seems to have been expunged from the Internet, Sergio Garcia experienced a humorous mix-up when he showed up for a date thinking they would be spending a night out on the town, but his date thought that by “clubbing”, Sergio meant that the two would be playing golf.  

The commercial showed a small taste of Sergio’s dancing moves, doing a little jig while perfectly delivering the line, “You know, ‘clubbing’.

The viewers did not get to see the outcome of the mix-up, but after today, I have to hope that his date eventually acquiesced and went clubbing, because as we saw during the European Tour’s BMW International Open: Sergio got moves!

Sergio did not win a new a new BMW M760Li, like fellow Euro Tour member Richie Ramsey did yesterday, but with the hole-in-one, Sergio did win a seven-night stay at the Hilton of his choice.  

In addition, any lucky fans who were wearing a Hilton wristband at the time, received 1 million Hilton Honors points.


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