3 Golf Shot-Tracking Systems to Improve Your Game

Arccos uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to track a player's performance, in real-time. Credit: Arccos

A new advancement to come along are data gathering devices which pair with a phone or tablet.

You can now visualize your golf swing and analyze a dataset on the course, during your round.

Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos is a new product that generates automated data about your golf game. It involves fourteen devices that attach to the butt of the club. The app uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to pair with the devices and gather information. This video summarizes how and what you can track.
Website: arccosgolf.com
Buy at Amazon: $249

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Another analyzer to consider is Zepp. It is a device that attaches to your glove and pairs with your phone or tablet. You can visualize your swing in 3D and compare it to Tour pros. This video demonstrates how Keegan Bradley monitors his swing path with Zepp.
Website: zepp.com
Buy at Amazon: $149.99


GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

Game Golf is similar to Arccos in that it attaches a device to the butt end of the grip. It tracks your round and compiles vital statistics and percentages such as average fairways hit, shot dispersion charts, scrambling percentages and more. The device automatically maps your round and records distances for each club.
Website: gamegolf.com
Buy at Amazon: $198.98


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