Tiger Woods Laces Up His New Nike TW ’17 Golf Shoes

The old saying in online media used to be that “content is everything.” With the advent of social media, along with camera phones and apps, there has been an addendum to this phrase: “Everything is content.”

Welcome to a media landscape where silly posts of PGA Tour golfers teeing off in their bathing suits get 20-times the page views of comprehensive previews of actual Tour events.

But who are we to complain!? After all, these kind of posts essentially subsidize the feature stories.

And so with that….

Here’s a photo of Tiger Woods tying his new Nike TW ’17 golf shoes.

As an aside: The cynic in me says this is more of a native advertisement for Nike’s new TW ’17 golf shoes. Of course, that skepticism is not even really debatable when you include the hashtag #TW17.


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