Fans, Media Fire Away At Tiger Woods For Decision To WD


As most golf fans know by now, Tiger Woods withdrew from the Safeway Open on Monday after committing to the Napa-based event just three days earlier, on Friday.

Geoff Shackelford has a great roundup about what the golf media is saying in regards to Tiger’s WD. A couple of the more interesting insights come from Randall Mell at The Golf Channel, and Nancy Armour in USA Today.

Wrote Mell, “His using the word “vulnerable” is yet another sign that his struggle with uncertainty is growing. Why commit to the tournament Friday if there was any doubt? Woods WD is really bad form, hurting a tournament and all the fans invested in the excitement he created committing, but it’s also a revelation as to how deep his doubts really go. To WD this late knowing the backlash it creates against him says a lot about how his psyche is more tender than his back now.”

While Armour wrote, “I hope that isn’t true. His star power and success are great for the game, attracting people who wouldn’t otherwise watch a golf tournament. Even if he never matches Jack Nicklaus’ major total, he’s one of those rare athletes you can’t help but watch. But it’s time to acknowledge reality. More ominous than Woods’ announcement Monday that he won’t be playing this week’s Safeway Open after all was his withdrawal from the Turkish Airlines Open. That’s a tournament that doesn’t begin until next month — Nov. 3, to be exact.”

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, on their FOX Sports show, also debated what Tiger’s decision means.

Bayless, never of a big fan of Tiger, offered sympathy, and feels the Big Cat is simply broken down.

In the New York Post, Mark Cannizzaro shows no mercy, with a headline that blares “Tiger Woods Shows True Colors In Screwing Over Whole Golf World.” Cannizzaro writes that Tiger is a “mess” who left tournament officials and sponsors “with eggs on their faces.”

Thanks to social media, golf fans also had their say, with the consensus being that Tiger needs to either “just do it” or “hang it up,” and end the reality show-like drama.

Afraid to Fail

Just Do It… Dude!

Hang It Up… Dude!

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