Titleist Introduces Ball Plant 3 Tours


Starting this month, November 2017, Titleist is offering golfers the opportunity to visit its famous ‘Ball Plant 3’ – its hub of golf ball technology – to see up close how “the #1 ball in golf” is produced.

For more than 80 years, Titleist golf balls have been designed and manufactured at its New Bedford, Mass. facility, located on the southern coast of the Baystate.

Titleist technology, in this blue-collar New England fishing city, dates back to 1935, when founder Phil Young introduced the very first Titleist golf ball.

“The history of Titleist is one of hardworking, passionate people dedicated to making the best golf balls in the world and helping golfers play their best,” said Mary Lou Bohn, President Titleist Golf Balls. “At Ball Plant 3 alone, we have more than 450 associates with an average tenure of over 20 years ensuring that our precision manufacturing process delivers unmatched consistency from ball to ball. We’re excited to take our most loyal brand fans behind the curtain and reinforce why they can trust their game to us on every shot.”


  • Ball Plant 3 Tours will be conducted four times per day on Mondays and Fridays beginning Nov. 20. Tours are free of charge.
  • Team Titleist members can register for tours online​.
  • Golfers who wish to register for Team Titleist can do so by visiting Titleist.com/TeamTitleist​.

For more information and full tour details, visit Titleist.com/TourBP3​.

Credit: Titleist Media


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