Quick Look: Designing a Callaway Customs Wedge

In this video, Callaway shows off the customization capabilities available for its line of wedges, including color and stamping options.


  • Finishes: Matte Black and Satin Chrome.
  • Weight Ports Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Red, Orange, Silver, and Black Gloss.
  • Paint Colors: Blue, Baby Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Dark Green, Gold, Red, Orange, Black Gloss, White, Pink, and Purple.
  • Icon Stamps: Heart, Skull and Cross Bones, Dollar Sign, Star, Four Leaf Clover, and Lightning Bolt.
  • Character Stamps: A-Z, “.” “!” “@” “#” “$” “?” “:” and 0-9.

Credits: Callaway Golf Media


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