TV Wars: Non-Partisan PGA Tour vs Far-Left NBA

The NBA has essentially become a far-left political organization that plays ball while politicking. The PGA Tour on the other hand sticks to its core mission: golf.

In a thought-provoking post on, writer West Valentine posits the PGA Tour as the antithesis to the hard-left NBA, and that the pro golf tour’s decision to avoid politics is paying off.

  • In the last month, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA have restarted play. After the major disruption to the NBA season, the MLB spring, and the NHL season, I expected live sports to have huge audiences once they returned. Not so.
  • In fact, among the professional sports leagues, only the PGA is seeing bigger than normal ratings.
  • The NBA is down, MLB is down, and the NHL is holding its own versus pre-epidemic viewership stats.
  • So why is the PGA outperforming it’s typically stronger siblings in the ratings game?
  • Politics and branding may be the answer.

Valentine notes that the TV ratings of the major sports are essentially in reverse order of how one would rank their level of “wokeness.”

  • With sports only available on TV, the playing field is about as even as it can get.
  • The results have been interesting as viewed through the alternate-reality of 2020 politics.
  • If you had to rank the leagues in order of their “Wokeness”, it would go like this: the NBA is the most “woke” followed by MLB, the NHL, and the PGA, in that order.
  • That is also the inverse order of their TV ratings.
  • Is that just a coincidence?

Let me answer that question: No. It’s not.

As a conservative – or even an apolitical independent who doesn’t think America sucks, you’d have to be absolutely brain dead to financially support a far-left sports league that has aligned with an avowed Marxist organization – one whose stated goal is the “destruction of the American capitalist system.”

Read it all here.


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