Two Euro Tour Stiffs Look For Twitter Glory By Whining About Bryson DeChambeau

Richard Bland Richard Bland Bryson DeChambeau
Richard Bland (top left), Richard Bland (bottom left) criticized Bryson DeChambeau on Twitter for not yelling fore. (Getty Images)

The constant criticism of Bryson DeChambeau is over the top and out of control. I was never a huge fan of the 27-year-old Californian, but as a contrarian, the non-stop media hit pieces and snarky social media attacks are making me like him.

I mean… are there any two lower demographics than the media and twitter trolls?

The hatred of the golf star has become so mainstream that even players think they can boost their social cred if they criticize DeChambeau.

So it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear that a couple of guys like Richard Bland (world No. 102) and Eduardo Molinari (world No. 327) tweeted out hits against DeChambeau.

Neither golfer came even close to qualifying for the WGC event in Memphis (or any WGC in recent memory for that matter), yet because they criticized DeChambeau, they were given headlines at ESPN.

See how that works!

Sound familiar?

Bland, who won his first career European Tour event earlier this year at the British Masters (my recap), took a shot at DeChambeau on Thursday, after the American star produced a 65 to sit T7.

“Bryson ploughing it into the crowd again off the tee & no shout of “Fore.” Maybe it needs someone to get seriously injured for him to learn,” tweeted Bland, possibly from his couch.

Molinari, who hasn’t been relevant as of late, joined in on the criticism.

“It shouldn’t be difficult to understand you should always shout “fore” when you hit a shot into the crowds,” Molinari tweeted.

“When is someone going to do something about this? Hopefully before a spectator gets seriously hurt!”


  1. Another huge implosion by Bryson on the back 9 yesterday. His twosome was twice warned for slow play, but it was Bryson’s wild shots slowing them down. If English had been paired with any other normal players, he would have won the tournament.

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