V1 Sports Partners With Training Aid Innovator Eyeline Golf

A look at the EyeLine Golf Edge Putting System.

ln a move to offer more game improvement tools to its audience of amateur golfers and teaching professionals, V1 Sports has partnered with golf training aid company Eyeline Golf.

Numerous Eyeline Golf products are now available in the online pro shop at V1Sports.com. Eyeline founder Sam Froggatte, along with company president Grant Froggatte, will be creating content that educates golfers and instructors on practicing with feedback, particularly in the area of putting.

Eyeline Golf’s array of putting and swing training products have developed a loyal following among playing professionals on tours across the globe, as well as amateurs.

“Eyeline has actually worked with V1 for 15 years – not at this level, but we were talking about apps and the like 15 years ago,” Froggatte said. “V1’s customer set is looking for answers that V1 is identifying. So, expect to see a swing or stroke fault that V1 identifies and that Eyeline addresses to fix that fault.’’

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