“Five Lessons – The Modern Fundamentals of Golf,” Ben Hogan’s iconic book which introduced golfers to the keys to developing an effective golf swing.

Sixty years later golfers still struggle to memorize that Hogan-like motion. So what’s the problem?

The “process” simply doesn’t work for most golfers.

The old trial and error approach Tiger Woods calls the “process” is so ineffective most golfers have given up trying to fix their swings.

Traditional methods of teaching the swing haven’t changed since, well, forever. Sure there’s lots of new technology and software, however, that doesn’t seem to translate into a better swing for most golfers.

The only way you are going to lock a Hogan-like swing into muscle memory is to FEEL IT and then REPEAT IT.


But that’s the problem, right?

What if you could automatically repeat a Hogan-like swing, shot after shot? Hundreds of thousands of golfers have memorized a powerful, accurate new swing using this technology from Swing Jacket.

The video below explains a bit more about the Swing Jacket:

Teachers and Tour Pros from Swing Jacket on Vimeo.

Learn more: SwingJacket.com

Material from Swing Jacket’s press release was used to compile this post.


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