Watch Tony Jacklin Drop the First-Ever Hole-in-One on Live TV

Did you know the first ever hole-in-one broadcast on live television came by the way of Tony Jacklin at the 1967 British Masters?

Some fifty years ago, golf on TV was in its infancy, and because only the closing holes were broadcast the chances of witnessing a live ace were remote.

Jacklin, though, made history with one swing of a 7-iron on Royal St George’s 16th hole during the final round of the ’67 Dunlop Masters.

“It came at an appropriate time, that’s for sure,” Jacklin told Sky Sports in 2017, for a profile celebrating the 50th anniversary of his famous shot.

“I had a slim lead at the time with three holes to go, and all of a sudden I had a bigger cushion with one shot! It was a critical moment and took the pressure off a little.

“It was a seven-iron from 165 yards, although it might have been playing a bit shorter than that in the conditions. I didn’t actually see the ball go in the hole because the bottom of the pin was obscured by the front bunker.

“I knew when I hit it that it was on a good line, and then I just saw the reaction of the crowd around the green and could hear all the hollering and shouting from the tee! But when I watch the footage, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and it was a fairly casual reaction to be honest, although I still wasn’t absolutely certain the ball had gone in the hole.”


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