Watch: WM Phoenix Open Fans Go Bonkers After Sam Ryder Aces 16th


The rowdy crowds at the famed 16th stadium hole at TPC Scottsdale have been waiting six years to celebrate a hole in one. So when Sam Ryder dropped in an ace during the third round of the WM Phoenix Open, the fans in Scottsdale went absolutely bonkers, covering the green with cans of beers.

Ryder used a 54 degree wedge for his viral shot.

Ryder said, “I kind of saw it a little bit for the first time, but, yeah, walking through the tunnel it was just, I made a birdie or I made a birdie on 15 and just kind of been a trying day and not great. And Chris Kirk just made eagle, so he teed off first. And I kind of — he hit a really good shot in the middle of the green, so I kind of got a little bit of feel off of what it was playing. And it was just one of those things I was talking to B, my caddie, and it just ended up being a perfect 54 degree wedge. The club — everything always plays a little shorter in there, adrenaline or whatever it is, it’s just, it always plays shorter. And it just, I just told him, It’s just got to be that, doesn’t it? And he’s like, That’s all I ever thought.

“And I kind of, we just talked through it a little bit and I was looking kind of just out to the right and wanted to kind of come down around his ball and I, you know, just maybe it was an accidental one-yard pull or something, but it was, I mean didn’t look like it was moving too fast on the camera when I saw it, but it just was, you know, in the air it just looked perfect.

“And Brian Harman, we were signing our scorecard, he was like, Yeah, it was in the hole way. Just one of those that kind of looked like it wasn’t a mistake, it just kind of happened, you know it was going in, like right when it left the club.

“So, yeah, still kind of coming down off the adrenaline but, yeah, it was pretty crazy.”

Watch Sam Ryder Ace the 16th at WM Phoenix Open

5-video slideshow. Swipe right to navigate and watch em all.

Watch Sam Ryder Ace the 16th at WM Phoenix Open

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