14 This-Or-That Questions For Rickie Fowler: ‘In-N-Out Or Five Guys’…


In this piece of content posted by Cobra on its Instagram channel, Rickie Fowler goes through a quick session of ‘This or That’ – a popular time-burning game where A or B type choices are served up and answered in rapid fire.

Fowler, who leads after round one in Houston, is given 14 questions. Some of the choices the recent winner of the Honda Classic faced were ‘Five Guys or In-N-Out,’ ‘Palm Trees or Pines Trees,’ and ‘Books or Movies.’ (Spoiler alert: Answers below.)

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  1. In-N-Out or Five Guys
  2. Palm Trees or Pines Trees
  3. One-Length or Variable
  4. Dress Up or Dress Down
  5. Books or Movies
  6. Go Out or Take Out
  7. Pool or Ocean
  8. Snow or Sand
  9. Shorts of Pants
  10. Hot or Cold
  11. Text or Call (but good phone call’s always nice)
  12. Spicy or Mild
  13. Spikes or Spikeless
  14. Color or Black & White
    (Choices in bold)

Credit: Cobra Golf


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