3 GPS Watches For Golfers


Technology has come a long way in golf, it has consumed us all. GPS watches help golfers make better decisions, combining functionality with convenience. This game is no more just about getting a small white ball into the hole

We take a look at three of the best GPS watches available on the market today.

Garmin Approach S6

When it comes to GPS units, no company is as famous as Garmin and the Garmin Approach S6 is hands down the best Golf watch in the market today. It costs as much a driver but it’s worth it.

The watch comes preloaded with data from over 40,000 international course. It gives you the ability to track your scores and statistics. The scorecard is not viewable on the watch but syncs up with your phone via an app. It also provides a top-down view of the hole on its colored screen, which can be zoomed in when necessary.

The watch uses an in-built accelerometer to train your swing with Swing Tempo, Tempo Training and Swing Strength. Swing Tempo measures the tempo of the golfer’s swing and uses Tempo Trainer as a method to guide golfers to a better tempo using audible tones. Swing Strength displays the amount of power used by the golfer.

Amazon Price: $349.99


Sky Caddie Linx

When the original Sky Caddie Watch came out, it left everybody wondering why Sky Golf wasn’t using their True Ground course mapping data on their watch.

With the Sky Caddie Linx, all that changed. The Linx features a HD sunlight-readable display and comes preloaded with data from over 34,000 golf courses. The watch displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green without golfers having to pay any additional fee. But, golfers have an option to purchase yearly memberships thereby gaining even further information such as IntelliGreen (shapes of the actual green) and distances to hazards, layup points etc. These memberships also allow golfers to sync their scores and statistics to the Sky Golf 360 mobile app.

There is an add-on to the watch as well, the Sky Caddie LinxVue. With the Sky Caddie LinxVue, golfers can use the SkyCaddie Mobile app to view additional information for the hole in HD graphics.

Amazon Price: $134.13

TomTom Golfer 2

When it comes to functionality, the TomTom Golfer 2 is not much different from its predecessor, but when you talk of design and comfort, it’s definitely better looking. The Golfer 2 is slightly longer than the original Golfer as well as fractionally thinner. Unlike the Garmin Approach S6, the Golfer 2 doesn’t offer a color display, which results in better battery life.

The watch uses the GPS to detect the course you’re on and automatically loads up the course data for you. The watch displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green, along with showing relevant hazard information and even layup distances.

The best feature of this watch is the automatic shot detection. Using built-in accelerometers and motion sensors, the watch detects and registers it with the TomTom MySports mobile app. The app gives a detailed view of the entire round helping you identify weaknesses in your game.

Amazon Price: $249.99


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