After Win at the Zurich, Cameron Smith Backpedals on Cutting Mullet

Marc Leishman, wearing a wig mullet, and Cameron Smith
Marc Leishman, wearing a wig mullet, and Cameron Smith pose after winning in a playoff hole during the final round of the Zurich Classic at TPC Louisiana on April 25, 2021 in New Orleans, LA. (Photo by PGA TOUR IG Screengrab)

Ahead of the Zurich Classic, Cameron Smith hinted that he’d chop off his now-famous mullet if he (and Marc Leishman) were to win the team event in New Orleans.

Smith and Leishman did win. But the 27-year old Aussie is not cutting off his locks, calling them his “good luck charm.”

After Team Australia’s big win on Sunday afternoon at TPC Louisiana, Smith explained his backpedaling on the hair cut.

“I would have to apologize to my girlfriend, it’s not going away. I mean, it’s, I feel like it’s part of me now,” said Smith with a grin.

Aussie mate Leishman added, “He’s got a cult following now. You should hear the fans out there. They’re all over it. It’s awesome.”

Smith continued, “Yeah, it’s really cool. It gives the fans something to get behind. Lots of people love it and it’s good fun as well. It makes people laugh. I love it.”

Team Mullet: Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman

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