Marc Leishman Buys Mullet Wig on Amazon to Salute Cameron Smith

Marc Leishman and Cameron Smith mullers Zurich Classic
Marc Leishman dons mullet wig for intros on first tee ahead of Saturday's third round. (PGA TOUR IG)

Despite being a world-class golfer, Cameron Smith is probably known more for having the best mullet (or worst depending on your definition) in golf.

On the first tee, ahead of Saturday’s third round of the Zurich Classic, Marc Leishman showed up wearing dark black mullet wig as a light-hearted salute to his Aussie teammate.

“Just a bit of fun. Got a few laughs on the first tee and lightened the mood, I guess, helped our start,” said Leishman. “We got off to a good start today. It probably won’t come out tomorrow I don’t think; concentrate on that first tee shot.”

The pair shot a 63 on Saturday at TPC Louisiana so the lighten-the-mood strategy seemed to work.

According to Smith, he has promised his wife that the mullet would go if he wins tomorrow. So in addition to trophies, and big-league prize money, a clean-cut Smith could also emerge on Sunday evening.

In case you’re wondering: Leishman picked up his mullet on Amazon for only 18 bucks.

“I ordered it on Amazon. I think it was $18. I was expecting to have to pay a lot more for it actually, but I was committed to do that,” said Leishman.

Team Mullet at the Zurich Classic

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