Dufner Takes On Critics of Justin Thomas’s 63


Among the better players on Tour, 2013 PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner may be the quietest and the least emotional. In fact, he shows so little emotion, that “Dufnering” became a meme a few years ago, with players/fans having pictures taken sullenly slouching against a wall, imitating a famous picture involving Dufner.

It takes a great deal to get Dufner going, but something was able to get him to passionately take to Twitter this past weekend: the media reaction of Justin Thomas’ record-breaking 9-under performance on Saturday.


  • Twitter Storm: Frustrated with the negative reactions towards the 63 shot in the third round of the U.S. Open by Justin Thomas, Dufner fired off a series of tweets directed at the critics who tried to downplay the round due to the perceived easiness of Erin Hills, the U.S. Open venue.
  • #Exhausting: In the first of his six tweets on the matter, Dufner expressed frustration with all the comparisons to the 63 shot by Johnny Miller in the U.S. Open 44 years ago. Dufner completed the tweet with the hashtag, #exhausting. Miller himself has come out and discredited Thomas’ matching low round.
  • Credit Due: Dufner said that whoever wins the U.S. Open (it ended up being Brooks Koepka) will have deserved it, regardless of how low the overall scores are. Five players finished Erin Hills at double-digits under par, three more than the 116 U.S. Opens before it combined.

The Tweets


“And if you like “old fashion” US Open’s we have 3 historically great venues coming up for that. ‪#GetOffMyLawn”
Jason Dufner, via twitter



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