Erin Walker Defends Ryder Cup Fans From PC Police: It’s “Golf American Style”

Ryder Cup fans at Hazeltine have come under criticism from the media and European players. (Getty)
Ryder Cup fans at Hazeltine have come under criticism by the media and European players. (Getty)
The Ryder Cup has been over for four days now. But the smearing the Hazeltine golf fans by the politically correct media has not stopped.

Note: They seem to run the same narrative whenever the Ryder Cup is played in the United States.

Dave Shedloski, a well respected writer for Golf World and Golf Digest, is one of the many in the golf media world who won’t give up on criticizing the Hazeltine fans.

Well, Jimmy Walker’s wife Erin seems to have had enough of it. The PGA Champ’s wife fought back against Shedloski’s criticism on Twitter.

Walker noted that golf fans are sports fans (who like football and golf) and that it was no different in Boston.

Shedloski fought back by bringing up “language” and the “coarseness to our culture” – which is one of the most commonly used terms in the media to police words, actions, and culture they deem politically incorrect (see safe spaces, trigger warnings).

Walker was buying none of Shedloski’s call for PGA Tour events to become safe spaces.

And she wrapped it up by saying it’s not her job to be a PC police officer.

SOURCES: Erin Walker and Dave Shedloski on Twitter


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