FACT: There Are 9 Cuts of Meat Engraved on Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston’s Titleist Wedge


Everyone’s favorite golfer has truly embraced the nickname ‘BEEF’ and has nine different cuts of meat stamped in red ink on his Titleist 58-degree wedge.

Let’s review the tasty cuts of meat appearing on the Johnston’s wedge:

  1. Ribeye
  2. Brisket
  3. Sirloin
  4. T-Bone
  5. Tri-Tip
  6. Flank
  7. Filet Mignon
  8. Porterhouse
  9. Skirt

As to his favorite cut?

Andrew “Beef” Johnston is a fan favorite both on and off the course. When he’s not finishing in the top 10 of majors, he’s smashing burgers off a tee, and let’s not forget how he got the nickname “Beef.”


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