We’ve received many emails that Joe Biden wore two left-footed shoes during a recent round of golf. At first we blew it off. But after this past weekend, when the leftwing media, such as USA Today (Golfweek) and NBC (Golf Channel), actually ran fact checks about President Trump’s pants, we now feel it’s fair play.

So here we go…

Those making the claim provide photos of Biden after his initial round of golf, wearing spotless cleats – not a single blade of grass is seen. They say he was forced to change into a new pair, with a left and right shoe, before showing up for the cameras, and that’s why it looks like he didn’t play golf that day.

They say, it wasn’t a fake photo-op to pretend he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. After all, we have video of the 78-year old Democrat hitting directly into a rock wall on a chip shot to the green. So, clearly he’s all there.

A meme has been going around to show Biden wearing spotless golf shoes after a round of golf.

Now is it possible that Biden would walk up to the first tee wearing two left shoes? Of course. Is it possible that he doesn’t even know how to tie his shoes at this point? Absolutely.

However, without more evidence we rate this claim to be FALSE!



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