Golfers Think Nike’s TW ’17 Shoes Look Like ‘Old Man Mall Walkers’

GolfWRX, the popular golf discussion website, posed a question to its followers on Instagram, asking for feedback on the new Nike TW ’17 golf shoes that Tiger was wearing in the Bahamas.

The Instagrammers seemed to really (really!) dislike the velcro straps, which they feel gives it an “old man’s shoe” look.

Overall, of the nearly 270 comments (at this posting), about 95% of the feedback is negatively brutal. Almost no one likes Tiger’s new kicks.

Here’s a sampling from the tough crowd…

@sabres_dad: They’re the old. TW with straps now lol.
@kylemo_23: Old man going Velcro eh?
@acoomz: Hideous. They’re like old man Mall Walkers. I can understand them pushing innovation, but this is just Velcro. Take ’em off!
@bw168: Nasty literally nasty. Don’t like them!
@buc09: They look like old man loafers.
@log.ane: Kinda looks like those medical type shoes that elderly people have to wear.
@capitol_josh: They look like old man shoes.
@srahilly17: I think he lost a bet…Hell No!!!
@cjazzyjazz: Most def horrible. They look like orthopedics. Bad decision Nike.
@kenroy10: Look like my grandpa’s orthopedic shoes.
@andrew_g88: Ahhh the Geriatric ’17s….grandpa told me they were fire, I should have believed him. Can’t beat those Velcro strapz.
@cddunlap: ?velcro Oldman shoes.
@higham.nathan: They look like my grandpa’s diabetic shoes.
@witness_brotection: Looking like mall walker 22s
@tgleisinger: Look like clown shoes, with a red nose

Here’s another angle of the TW ’17 shoes from Getty Images.


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