Final Ryder Cup Matches Pre-Game Hype On Twitter


The final Ryder Cup matches will begin at noon (EST). The Hazeltine crowd is getting oiled up, and already packing the stands. And on Twitter the hype is just beginning.

(We’ll be updating all morning, until tee off.)

Here’s a round up of some of the best. First the serious stuff.

The hole pins.

The matches.

Where we stand.

Weather looks absolutely perfect.

Inside the media room.

The pathway to the first tee is pretty cool.

Minnesota is hockey country. I little nod to Jim Craig. Do you believe in miracles!?

Are you pumped up yet!?

Everyone is excited for Patrick Reed v Rory McIlroy. Posing and flexing galore.

The U.S. would seem to have pretty good odds. That’s a 78% prediction.

Sergio v Phil!


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