Golf Marketing On Instagram: Taylormade, Titleist, Puma, More

In today’s equipment roundup we look at Taylormade’s new M series of metal woods, Titleist pitching its customization, Behind the scenes with Bridgestone, Cleveland goes black, Srixon gets Sirius, Footjoy co-brands with Jimmy Walker, Puma promotes Rickie, and Pinnacle is Pinnacle.

Taylormade Is Better

Brand: Taylormade Golf
Strategy: Social media campaign launch for the new M series of clubs – just in time for Christmas – using the hashtag (natch) #BetterEverything.

Titleist Gets Personal

Brand: Titleist
Strategy: Titleist has been promoting its golf ball personalization capabilities for quite a while now, so it’s natural to see them focus on it as the holidays arrive.

Pinnacle Rushes Simplicity

Brand: Pinnacle
Strategy: Pinnacle is known for its no-frills marketing efforts by the way of attractive imagery and strong, clean messaging.

Cleveland Goes Black

Brand: Cleveland
Strategy: With black being the new chrome – in the golf equipment marketplace (as of late), Cleveland shows off its new black satin finished RTX-3 wedges.

Behind The Bridgestone

Brand: Bridgestone
Strategy: Leveraging its young star Bryson DeChambeau, while also connecting with fans by offering a little glimpse of some behind the scenes marketing efforts.

Puma’s Star Aligns

Brand: Puma
Strategy: This is what is essentially known as name-dropping in the marketing world. Here they leverage their biggest star, Rickie Fowler – especially since he was seen playing with Tiger Woods this weekend.

Srixon’s Gets Sirius

Brand: Srixon
Strategy: Co-promote with a media brand to benefit from their promotional power within the marketplace. This is what Srixon has been doing in this long-running campaign with the Golf Channel’s ‘Fairways Of Life’ Sirius Radio Show.

Jimmy Loves Footjoy

Brand: Footjoy
Strategy: Sort of a hybrid between the strategies of Puma (align with player) and Srixon (co-market with media). They align with star player but also leverage his (social) media influence to produce impressions for its product.

SOURCE: Instagram Accounts of Footjoy, Titleist, Cleveland, Srixon, Pinnacle, Puma, and Bridgestone


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