Joe Buck: I Still Don’t Know The “Week-old Girlfriend’s” Name


For the most part, Joe Buck has received high marks for his recent work as the lead broadcaster for FOX’s U.S. Open coverage.

Largely associated with Troy Aikman, Buck teamed up with Paul Azinger and Brad Faxon this past week, and successfully transitioned his aesthetically-pleasing cadence from pro football to pro golf.

Unfortunately, however, like a near-champion golfer who holds the lead all week and then misses the clinching putt on the 72nd hole, Buck is likely to be remembered for the error he did make.

Moments after Brooks Koepka finished his final round and wrapped up his first U.S. Open title, Koepka walked off the green and embraced those closest to him, including a kiss with his girlfriend.

In what epitomizes the term “cringeworthy”, Buck mistakenly identified Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims, as Becky Edwards, Koepka’s ex-girlfriend.

The next morning, Buck appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show as part of what he called “the apology tour for getting the week-old girlfriend wrong” and to say, “sorry world.”


  • Moments after winning the U.S. Open, 27-year-old champion Brooks Koepka walked off the green and kissed his girlfriend. Lead FOX announcer Joe Buck, narrating the endearing moment, referred to Koepka’s current girlfriend by his ex-girlfriend’s name.
  • A short time later, Brad Faxon corrected Buck on air, correctly identifying Koepka’s current girlfriend as Jena Sims, and not professional soccer player Becky Edwards, who used to be the woman on Koepka’s arm.
  • Proving yet again that having money, fame, and good looks is valuable, Koepka’s current girlfriend (Sims) is an actress/model and former Miss Teen Georgia USA .
  • Buck appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show and brushed it off, blaming it on a card handed to him by a FOX producer that contained “old info.”
  • Buck also insinuated that Sims won’t be around long, continually referring to her as the “week-old girlfriend,” and saying, “I still don’t know her [Sims] name, the week-old girlfriend, and probably won’t know going forward.”

Buck Speaks

Dan Patrick speaks with Joe Buck about misidentifying Koepka’s girlfriend.



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