Justin Thomas Recaps His Wild Finish in Round 3 at CIMB Classic


Justin Thomas struggled through the first 13 holes of his round three at the CIMB Classic. But the defending champ caught fire down the stretch, and finished with a flurry of 5 straight birdies.

After his round, the 23 year-old Thomas recapped his wild finish, going over each hole, while discussing the distances and clubs used.

14th Hole, Par 4, 358 Yards: “Yeah, yeah, just hit 5-iron off the tee on 14. And then full sand wedge in there about probably 13, 14 feet and made that one.”

15th Hole, Par 3, 199 Yards: “Then 7-iron, one of my better swings of the day, I really hit it good. My caddie, Jimmy, and I, we thought the wind, it’s the most it’s ever blown since I’ve been here. It was a little swirly and came up just short and I chipped that one in.”

16th Hole, Par 4, 318 Yards: “I hit 4-iron off the tee on 16 actually. Went through the wind somehow. Went in the bunker and hit a great 56-degree out of that fairway bunker from 99 yards to about same thing, about 14 feet up the hill and made that one.”

17th Hole, Par 4, 336 Yards: “Then I hit 5-iron off the tee on 17. Hit just a little flatted pitching wedge, same thing, about 13, 14 feet.”

18th Hole, Par 5, 634 Yards: “Then 18, I just ripped a drive and didn’t hit a very good 3-wood. It was kind of a tough pin to get at. Then hit a great chip-in there, which kind of let me down — my chipping really cost me the first 13 holes or so. And to make that putt on 18 is great.”


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