Koepka Calls in the Big Guns To Roll “Loose Impediment”

Brooks Koepka gets help moving a loose impediment on the side of on the 15th hole during day two of the Saudi International at the Royal Greens Golf & CC on Feb 1, 2019 in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia. Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

In the second round of the Saudi International, Brooks Koepka’s golf ball landed up against a massive rock which is considered a “loose impediment” relative to the rules of golf.

Trying to avoid a lost stroke, Koepka did what Tiger Woods had done 20 years ago at the Phoenix Open – he called in the big guns to roll the loose impediment.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods watches as fans move the boulder out of the way during the Phoenix Open at the TPC of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona on Jan 31, 1999.

“It was lodged in there pretty good, pretty much right against the rock, and the security guys, I figured I’d call them, they’re a little bigger than me, so they could help move it,” said Koepka

“And there’s about five or six people that helped move it, thankfully. It helps sometimes to be in the bigger groups. There’s more people there, more chance you can get it done.

“But yeah, thankful for those guys.”

Many #instagolf fans thought it was all ridiculous.

  • “How the rules have changed , some for the better others not”
  • “Surely when the elite golfers of the world travel to these venues, you can make a local rule to protect the field from situations like this…… you can hit it miles off line and if you have a big crowd following you, get this “loose” impediment moved and a young player starting out not have this advantage…… which could potentially lead to him keeping or losing his job ! It has to be fair for everyone in the tournament!”
  • “It was a disgrace 20 years ago nd it still is today.”
  • “20 years to the day? Pretty mad coincidence”
  • “If the player can’t move it himself it shouldn’t be allowed . Just my view . I thought that when I watched it all those years ago!”
  • “Always thought this was nonsense and unfair.”
  • “Don’t you think moveable obstructions so only be moveable by the player right ?. Otherwise it’s an unfair advantage of your playing in an area where there isn’t a huge amount of people to help!”
  • “This was ridiculous then and is still 20 years later! Speith’s 30 min drop at the open was just as bad! Try this crap at the local muni and see how fast you get run!”


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