Morgan Stanley, Grant Thornton Push Woke Struggle Sessions During The PLAYERS

Grant Thornton and Morgan Stanley
Grant Thornton and Morgan Stanley ran loops of CRT propaganda. (PGW/Getty)

Apparently Morgan Stanley and Grant Thornton are real businesses, offering real services and real products. But if you’ve been watching The Players Championship all weekend, you’d be be hard pressed to understand what either company is trying to sell… other than wokeness.

Instead of pitching their latest products and/or services, both brands looped 30-second lectures to the dominant demographic of the TV audience.

It’s an amazing marketing strategy, given that Morgan Stanley and Grant Thornton are paying millions to reach this very specific demographic, which the PGA Tour boasts as the most “affluent, educated and influential in all of TV sports,” and is 75 percent male (at minimum).

The ads were essentially a struggle session where golf’s majority demographic were told the game’s future does not include them.

In case you haven’t noticed, the catchphrase of “grow the game” is quickly being replaced by the more Maoist-sounding “reimagine the game.”


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