PING Introduces Its G400 Series


For those whose game is in shambles and in need a complete re-haul, there is a silver lining: the timing is perfect.

PING’s much-anticipated G400 series is available for pre-order and custom fitting, and their drivers, irons, fairway woods, and hybrids are among the most forgiving on the market; giving hope to a hopeless swing.

With this series, PING is doing more with less, allowing ultimate power and feel, and in this case, ultimate sound, with something lightweight and aerodynamic.

It is why PING continues to be an industry leader.

The G400 Driver

  • Pre-Orders: The PING G400 series will soon launch, with pre-orders and custom fittings already underway. A set of clubs that has not forgotten a thing, each subset of this series is worthy of even the most discriminate bag.
  • Sell Feature: The G400 driver has done something previously thought impossible: they found a way to decrease the volume of the club, while STILL increasing MOI. The result is longer gains with a tighter dispersion. The club allows its owner to be both long and consistent.
  • Beautiful Noise: Much like how a basketball player gains a mental advantage from hearing the ultra-pleasing “swish” sound, the PING G400 driver emits an aesthetically beautiful noise that helps keep confidence high. Using computer simulation technology and music theory, PING has engineered the driver to make to make a deeper, more muted sound at impact.
  • Thin, Yet Strong: The forged TS9+ face has a thinner impact area, which increases ball speed and distance. It is a powerful feel with less bulk.
  • Very Forgiving: The driver has a CG lower and further to the back than any driver on the market, which makes it especially forgiving.
  • Less Drag: The driver is also designed to reduce drag, which increases club speed.
  • Less Distractions: Even the driver shaft is advanced. It uses “paint-shifting technology”, which among its benefits leads to fewer distractions at impact.
  • Choose Your Head: There are three head options: a standard, a straight flight (SFT), and a low spin (LST). Whatever you are lacking most, the G400 will provide.
  • Pro’s Choice: 13 of these drivers were being used at the U.S. Open, despite it being the first week it was available.

The G400 Iron

  • Gratifying Feel: The ultimate do-all iron, PING colloquially refers to this club as their “game enjoyment iron” because using it is so gratifying. While maintaining incredible feel, the iron is designed to bring champion level distance and unrivaled height to a golfer’s approach. This height allows for a softer landing, which means better control.
  • Nice Looking: The iron also features an appealing Hydropearl Chrome finish that leads to much better interaction with the turf at impact, with forgiveness in mind.
  • More Length: According to PING, golfers using this iron can expect one less club to the green, with better height.

The G400 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

  • Strong Design: Taking a page from the revered aerospace industry, the fairway woods and hybrids use C300 maraging steel, an incredibly strong alloy. This allows the face to be made thinner for faster ball speed.
  • The 9-wood: PING’s fairway wood collection offers a 9-wood option and three possible Straight Flite choices, and even has an option for a stretch-3 wood to make going for the green in two a more viable option.
  • Hybrid Spots: The hybrid boasts inventive CG locations. The 2 and 3 hybrids have a CG closer to the toe, decreasing left bias in the process, while the 4, 5, and 6 hybrids are more about ball speed, height, and forgiveness.

PING G400 Video Preview


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