Watch What Happens When Dustin Johnson Uses His Driver Indoors (Hint: Things Break)

Golf Digest Facebook

Everyone in the world knows Dustin Johnson should not be using his driver indoors, and yet, here he is hitting golf balls with his driver at a tiny net indoors.

The video is a result of a Facebook Live interview Golf Digest did with the World’s No. 2 golfer. Instead of staying in their lanes and asking normal questions they decided to unleash the beast and watch him hit a few balls with his driver.

There’s no indoor facility on Earth that can contain a Dustin Johnson drive and no net that can stop it either. DJ even warns them of their mistake in the video referencing the weak net at the 22-second mark.

And just like that one of his drives goes through the net, through a door at the back of the room and right into an exit sign never to be seen again.


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