NBC’s Brandel Chamblee Questions Bryson DeChambeau’s Christianity For Joining LIV Golf

LIV Golf Tour's Bryson DeChambeau 2022 U.S. Open
LIV Golf Tour's Bryson DeChambeau signs autographs for fans during a practice round prior to the 2022 U.S. Open at The Country Club on June 13, 2022 in Brookline, Mass. (Photo by Rob Carr via Getty Images)

Brandel Chamblee, who dumped his first wife for a Golf Channel co-worker young enough to be his daughter, questioned Bryson DeChambeau’s Christianity, and in effect any golfer who tees it up on the LIV Golf tour.

“More recently, he’s been talking about how he’s found God and become a Christian and I just wonder how he squares accepting money from a regime that is anti-Christian,” said Chamblee last week in Brookline at the U.S. Open.

“You can’t pull a Bible out in Riyadh without going to jail. They are misogynistic, they are anti-Semitic, there’s no freedom of speech. He talks about his charities, about going home to do things, but meanwhile he’s taking money from people who oppress the things he purports to stand for, which is philanthropic enterprises. That’s where the money is coming from.

“He says he’ll have a new legacy. He absolutely will have a new legacy, and it will be tarnished as a 100-year-old silver trophy that has been untouched up in a closet.”

He continued, “I’d like to think there are plenty of people with enough money to say no. There are loads of people who have said no. … Rory (McIlroy) has said no. Justin Thomas has said no. I don’t believe $200 million, I don’t think $500 million, I don’t believe a billion dollars would get Rory to say yes. I don’t think he will.

“Have they exposed a weakness? Yeah, OK. A lot of people can be paid enough money to not care about how their wives would be treated in Saudi Arabia, to not care how women are treated in Saudi Arabia, to not care about how gays are treated, to not care about people with no freedom of expression and no real freedom at all.

“There are people that will take enough money to turn a blind eye to that. But there are plenty of people I believe who say hold on a second, if you want to run this tour let’s see real reform, let’s see real measured reform, let’s hear from the women of Saudi Arabia, let’s see pictures of them actually out in Riyadh without a burkha on, let me see them driving, let’s see them going out on a date, let’s see them out playing golf. Let me see real measured reform. Let me see freedom of expression.

“It’s never going to happen there. Not certainly under the rule of MBS, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. He couldn’t be more oppressive. He couldn’t be more in favor of centralizing power within himself to an extent that has never happened in Saudi Arabia. There’s no evidence of reform in that country. Zero, other than his words, which were about as empty as Phil’s were in his press conference.”

Chamblee did not respond to questions concerning hypocrisy and double talk regarding NBC, the PGA Tour and China.


  1. Jeff Smith who wrote this lazy stupid article is an idiot. The two subjects he mentions have nothing to do with each other. You may not like Chamblee’s behavior but to call him a hypocrite for questioning the actions of these golfers is laughable. Plus, Chamblee has reason on his side, something Smith obviously knows nothing about. To call yourself a Christian and then prostitute yourself for a country that bone saws journalists, executes 81 people in a day, is one of the most repressive regimes on earth AND tries to whitewash their reputation through sportswashing is a reprehensible disgrace. Bryson is the hypocrite and first class fraud. Jeff Smith is just a clueless idiot
  2. Chamblee doesn’t hold back most of the time….and there’s times I think maybe he should keep his mouth shut. But he has a point here…the one everybody opposes this is trying to get across. I know Greg Norman has a lot of money and probably the people on the board, but not enough to pay this kind of money. They say its coming from the Saudi public fund…but what is that exactly, I think we all know what it is, money held by a bunch of over privileged rag heads who more than likely oppress the population. I know Norman wanted a worldwide tour with the best golfers, but do it the right way.
  3. First Chamblee seeks to have golfers removed from the HOF because of playing for the LIV tour and now we are challenging their personal beliefs. Maybe if these chaps descended from their ivory towers then we could let the first one without sin cast the first stone. Its nauseating to listen to the continual drivel when the establishment is challenged and more alternatives and opportunities exist for professional golfers today. Maybe if he had any talent he would be playing the game as opposed to whining on the tellie.
  4. Jeff… you sound like a LIV defender with clear bias and no effort at any kind of journalistic objectivity.  So even when you make a reasonable point, its to buy it as it’s couched in your obviously slanted viewpoint.  Sorry.


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